Testosterone pills: do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Benefits of testosterone pills

Testosterone pills are used to replenish the deficit of androgens in men with hypogonadism. Sportsmen use them to build muscle mass. A woman can use testosterone pills to reduce adverse symptoms of menopause.

Despite the fact that androgens Are available in various formulations (gels, injections, patches), men prefer using testosterone pills, because of the convenience of use. To identify benefits of testosterone pills, you need to find out the consequences of androgen deficiency in the male and female body.

The first signs of decrease in testosterone levels in men is the reduction of muscle mass, as well as problems with sleep and workability. Chronic androgen deficiency can lead to hypogonadism – a reduction of testicular function. This leads to pathological changes in many organs and tissues, accompanied by a decrease in the quality of life, the most striking manifestation of which is erectile dysfunction.

After discovering the diagnose “hypogonadism” in a man, doctors prescribe testosterone pills, the benefits of which lies in restoring the balance of androgen ahefv.com/category/testosterone-pills/. With long-term regular administration of testosterone pills in men, secondary sexual characteristics gradually form or continue developing, and their sex life improves. To improve the bioavailability, the manufacturers of the tablets use various chemical androgen formulas.

Pure testosterone is quickly assimilated by the body, and is excreted with the same quick rate. Therefore, to treat hypogonadism and provide muscle building, esters are used, which improve the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics of the androgen – enanthate, cypionate. Testosterone undecanoate and methyltestosterone are used in tablets more often.

Main benefits of testosterone boosters for men:

• improvement of sexual function;
• maintaining good health;
• preservation of bone mineral density;
• preservation of secondary sexual characteristics in men;
• positive impact on the cardiometabolic parameters.

Testosterone pills can be used not only for medicinal purposes. Athletes use them to build muscle mass and shape a well contoured muscular system. Two main benefits of testosterone pills for bodybuilding:

1. increase in protein digestibility (basic building material for muscles);
2. increase in physical strength, needed to enhance sports performance.

To improve your athletic performance, you will require a long-lasting course of androgen-containing tablets. The first benefits of testosterone booster pills can be noticed in several months of regular intake of androgens.

Testosterone pills help replenish the androgen deficiency both in men and in women. For estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) in postmenopausal women, the androgen should be taken with estrogen and progesterone drugs.

A common misconception exists among women that the adverse reactions, occurring in postmenopausal women, are caused by hyperandrogenism. According to the results of clinical trials, such problems, as vasomotor flushes, primary ovarian insufficiency, vulgar and vaginal atrophy and others cause testosterone deficiency in the female body, and not an excess of it.

Benefits of testosterone boosters for women:

• improvement in sexual function;
• improvement of mood and motivation;
• elimination of metabolic disorders.

In addition to this, testosterone is the main fat-burning hormone for women. Therefore, the deficit of the androgen in a female body significantly complicates the weight loss process.